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PADI Instructor etc. 2589a CNJ ClausNedergaard JacobsenS


Flot fyr i hans nye våddragt

Having been a glider pilot and - instructor for more than 30 years I have dedicated myself to diving and water activities at a rather mature age. Already as a child, I loved water and swam below the surface more than above, and I had my nose stuck to the TV screen when they showed movies with Jacques Costeau. In 6 years, I have accumulated more than 350 dives and  200 hours "below", most of which in the cold, low-visibility waters around Denmark,and in drysuit as well as wetsuit. Originally educated in the PADI organisation, my path happened to cross that of an UTD instructor and I have passed a number of courses under that organisation as well. Here the skill requirements are much higher than in PADI. That gives extra attention margin and an ability to put PADI training into a wider perspective. ("Who knows PADI who only PADI knows"). In the winter of 2019-20 I acquired a boat driver's license which also permits me to run a speedboat. I also have a mixer/blender certificate.

I have pursued a career in instructing rather than one in Tec- or cave diving because, I am chasing a particular feeling of joy, one I have felt many times as a gliding instructor, that of helping other humans overcome barriers in an educational process. I love to see and share their joy once they succeed, and they can spread their wings (or fins). The more difficult the voyage has been, the merrier the joy. In gliding I have worked to enable wheelchair users to fly gliders in an inititative that I initiated myself, inspired by work in other countries. I am the coaching type, not the instructing type. I always base my training on the students experience of his/her own situation and provide gentle coaching with great patience. Rarely do I say NO, but I have limits. Many years of working with safety in flying has given me a safety mindset, which I try to pass to my students. One of the most important attitudes is: "If there is doubt - then there is no doubt". The students must accept and pay attention to their own skill limits. I am also the type of person who will carefully explain the safety rules, not just WHAT they say but in particular WHY. Being an engineer by profession I have a strong theoretical background for understanding and conveying diving theory. Despite strong theoretical foundation, I am painfully aware that when it comes to a motoric skill like diving there are only three ways ahead: training, training and training. I have already worked 4 seasons with newly educated PADI-divers in Silkeborg,  Denmark by running weekly training sessions. These weekly sessions is an initiative that I have launched myself. I prepare the events, announce them, and offer my help as buddy and coach and I follow up with video- og photo reports. Participants love to see themselves as part of a good story. That attracts even more. Attracting participants to sports is something I have worked with for more than 25 years.

I have lots of other competences that might come in useful. For instance, I speak and write 4 languages (Danish, English, German, French) and communicate easily with all Scandinavians in their own language. I am also very good a writing stories, articles, web pages, I can do video- and photo editing, I can fix IT, home pages, I can organise and manage and I can get things under control. Some competences come from business life, others from my 30 year long career in clubs run by volunteers. 

Short description: fiery soul in control.


Certifications and "diving career"







Feb - Mar

PADI Instructor Course with Rocket Frog Divers, Playa del Coco, Costa Rica


Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

16 - 17/4

PADI Instructor Exam with Diving 2000, Nyborg, Denmark


Nyborg Old Ferry Harbour


April - June

Divemaster at two OW-classes at Favrskov Ungdomsskole. A total of 16 teenagers passed. Instructors were Claus Quist Krüger and Per Nielsen (7000+ dives).


Kaløvig Bådelaug, Denmark


Runs weekly traning dives for my diving club, Silkeborg Frømandsklub, mostly in Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg


Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg


Swims 5000 meter (breast-stroke) in 2:48 hours in 25 m swimming pool

5000 meter svømmemærke


10/12 - 

Divemaster and instructor trainee with St-Barth Plongée Birdy Dive Center also known as Islandiving in the Carribean island named Saint-Barthelemy. Communication with customers in French and English and with colleagues in German.


Saint-Barthelemy, France, Carribean Sea


Totalled 355 dives and 227 hours sub surface





PADI Rescue Diver


Skanderborg, Ry, etc. NOW Dive


PADI Dive Master


Skanderborg, Ry, etc. NOW Dive


DFU boating license/speedboat driver


AOF Silkeborg


Runs weekly traning dives for my diving club, Silkeborg Frømandsklub, mostly in Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg

  Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg


Debut as real, paid divemaster at trial dive event for teenagers for Faurskov Ungdomskole (Kaløvig)

  Kaløvig Bådelaug, Aarhus


Swims 4.253 m in Almindsø Lake in 2:25 hours (surface breast-stroke)

  Almindsø Lake
Oct Divemaster for OW-kursus at Blue Ocean Divers, Randers.   Kaløvig Bådelaug, Aarhus


Totalled 276 dives and 177 hours sub surface



Liveaboard in Red See. 22 Dives in a week.Twice at "Thistlegorm".


Runs weekly traning dives for my diving club, Silkeborg Frømandsklub, mostly in Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg

  Almindsø Lake


Totalled 203 dives



Runs weekly traning dives for my diving club, Søhøjlandets Dykkerklub, mostly at Lighthouse, Aarhus

  Lighthouse, Aarhus Ø


Swims 4.054 m i Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg, in 2:34 hours (surface, breast stroke)

  Almindsø Lake, Silkeborg


UTD Rec 2 Advanced


Kreidesee, Germany with NOW Dive


PADI Tec Gas Blender


Skanderborg, NOW Dive


Totalled 123 dives.



PADI AOW-diver


Gran Canaria, Canary Diving Adventures


PADI Enriched Air Diver


Gran Canaria, Canary Diving Adventures


Totalled 53 dives.



PADI OW-diver


Gran Canaria, Canary Diving Adventures


UTD Dry Suit Diver


Kreidesee, NOW Dive


UTD Rec Essentials


Marselisborg, Aarhus, NOW Dive


Totalled 27 dives


Netop sendt den første danske kørestolsbruger solo på et ombygget svævefly
Having just soloed the first Danish wheel chair user in a modified glider


Weekly training dives in Almindsø Lake. Yours truly is in charge of the scuba-part, another member takes care of snorkling and apnea
Weekly training dives in Almindsø Lake. Yours truly is in charge of the scuba part. Another member takes care of snorkeling and apnea.